Caveat Emptor

I have been a buyer and a seller on eBay and 99% of transcations have been great and I have dealt with many really honourable sellers.

Every now and again you come up against a dishonest one.

This is one that just scammed me.

Ramunas Bagdonavicius


Good condition

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So this guy is selling on eBay under the handle of ramas136 and had 100% feedback so I thought it would be pretty safe to buy from him.

When I checked out the advert on eBay it stated that the wheels were in good condition, and the photos he put up there looked fine - just a couple of small scratches on one wheel.

I should have smelled a rat when there were only 3 wheels photographed, but as he had added additional single wheel photos I assumed they were all the same.


I paid to have the wheels shipped to me in Malta - very expensive but we don't have any wheels for the Nissan Leaf over here. When they arrived, 3 of them were fine - a little scratched but they were in good condition.

Unfortunately the one that he HAD NOT PHOTOGRAPHED was badly damaged and fitted with a worn out, different make, tyre. What's going on?

I sent him an eBay message....

Hi, the wheels and tyres arrived over here in Malta but are you sure you sent me all 4 correct ones? 2 of them are perfect and the 3rd one has the scratches that you showed on the photo. These all have the correct Michelin tyres on that you showed on the photos.
However the 4th one is completely messed up - it's been kerbed and has deep gouges and has a worn out Continental tyre fitted. It's not shown on the photos that you put up either.
I'm really not happy about that - 75% are good and 25% are rubbish.
Do you have another one that you can send me?

After two attempts I get a reply

Hello I received the mail about wheels I'm not selling new parts and in description said that they are not new if you think you not happy with the wheels then send them back and then you will get refund regarding ramcarparts

So he knows I shipped them at great expense to Malta and now wants me to send they back - WTF? He also omitted to say that his adverts said GOOD CONDITION

So I go back to him again

I understand that you are not selling new parts but you did not show any photos of the severely damaged wheel and the fact that it had a worn out tyre. Why not? Don't you think that was a little underhand?
I am perfectly happy with 3 of them, the ones that you put photos of in your eBay ad. They have scratches of course but that's fine, they are used and I saw the pictures before I purchased them. It's the 4th one I am objecting to.
As the wheels are now in Malta where I live it will be hard to return them and I like 3 of them - can you send me another one or not? If not will you issue a partial refund of 25%?
I hope that we can work this out amicably :)

Well I am trying to be diplomatic and not call him a dishonest, thieving scumbag, but I do remind him that 3 were good and 1 was bad.

I have no solution just if don't want the tyres just return them because I gave you really good price so just return the alloys and then I will refund your money.

He's not getting the message is he? I cannot return the wheels as it would cost more that I paid for them in the first place!

Well you do realise that I have paid to have them shipped to Malta and you realise how expensive it is to ship them back to the UK now, so you do understand that is not an option.
I am disappointed - I have normally had a very good experience with sellers on eBay but I guess that this time I have found someone who has no honour. The fact that you omitted to show the damaged wheel on the advert says it all - you were being dishonest.
I would never treat my customers in such a shoddy and deceitful way.
Karma, what comes around, goes around.
I will submit photos to eBay and PayPal and let them decide.

I wonder if a bit of emotion might appeal to his better nature.....

If you want to do it this way then I want back my alloys and I give refund I got reseat when I went to service all alloys and tyres was legal and if you got any problem just send them back end of the story this is not a game I got a reseat from garage and I got a video when I packaged the alloys so don't threaten me. Regarding ram garage

Well I guess not - I'm also thinking that English isn't his first language either. Maybe his cultural background allows him to believe that ripping people off is a good idea?

Well I have passed it over to PayPal to see what they will do, otherwise I guess it's off to the Small Claims Court.


This is the photo that he published on his eBay advert

The damaged 4th wheel he sent with a worn out and different make tyre

The damage to the wheel caused by it obviously running on a flat tyre

Deep scratches across the wheel

The edges of the alloy completely ground away

Beware buying from this Internet Seller!

1. He claimed the wheels and tyres were in GOOD CONDITION

2. He photographed only the 3 good ones, omitting the 4th damaged wheel

3. He will not entertain making good but wants the wheels returning at the buyers cost!